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Oh Hey Everybody!!!! Back from a wild weekend! First of all, you may or may not know, I am a teacher. On Friday, we were called to the cafe right after school and it was announced that a beloved Assistant Principal was very ill and being placed in hospice. Very sad news.... on Saturday, we received notification that she had passed away. Really shocking. Ok, so I never take off from school...literally, I am never absent....and Monday was going to be my first absence since the school year began. Now I am faced with going out of town and not being there to help my students grasp the idea the our AP had passed away. Next, my son, who is trying to get a teaching job, but in the area of Phys Ed, comes home announcing that he has an interview on Monday morning at 8 AM....again, why am I not going to be there to help him mentally prepare for possible interview questions, iron his shirt, steam his suit....I never go out of town like this..... Well, I did not want to let the people down that I was travelling with, so I just went. Way out of my comfort zone. I normally would have been eating my way through this stress, but I hung in there....I thought of all of you! You would have been proud....we stopped in at an Olive Garden....I ate plain chicken, and salad no dressing....everyone else in the group had plates of pasta, dessert, drinks....I was so strong! Ok, so we are at the wedding and I allowed myself a piece of cake....and mashed potatoes from the potato bar....but everything else, I was pretty good! So, long story, longer..... I weighed in at 211! A loss of 45 pounds! Now I am going to continue in another post so I don't lose all of this nonsense!

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