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Hi everyone! Just go thome from the gym. I only did 1/2+ mile walk/jog, 6 min on hand bike and 17 min on the stationary bike. Was going to do some weight machines but dh was ready so we left. I didn't sleep well again so I'm tired.

Cajun - Congrats on the weightloss! I think I'd lose too if I'd just stick to the plan...I did well for 7-10 days or so but now I keep messing up. I was sleeping better too I think when I wasn't eating in the evenings. I still like that way of eating, I just give in to temptation to eat more too often. Story of my life! At least this morning I ate a more healthy breakfast. I noticed when I ate larger and healthier meals, I felt more content not to eat in the eveings.

Lizzy - I have the same problem but see above. I need to get back to that.
I am only a pound above my sig weight so it's a good time to catch it and keep losing.

Glynne - Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy without that old job! Are you doing ok without the income? Hope so because retirement is sure fun!

Bobbi -I too believe in keeping my teeth as long as possible. I have a lower plate but it's because of teeth that went bad in my teens. Dh had to have dentures in his 20s (upper full and lower partial) due to bad gums probably related to poor nutrition in younger years..but at least he managed to keep a few and those are what we are dealing with now. He has a good dentist and a good denturist. The denturist has done very good work for him in the past. Looked at our budget last night and we have enough saved or almost enough to do the work, but not sure whether he will do it until he has to. He needs to get in to see the denturist and find out for sure what he will charge.

Today's eating so far:
oatmeal with 1 t br sugar - carb
1 T pecans - fat
1 C milk - protein

tangerines - 2 - carb
raw spinach - free
1T pecans - fat
canned chicken - 4 oz - protein

pm snack
pb mocha frappe - pro, carb, fat

vegetable stir-fry - mushrooms, bok choy, celery, bean sprouts, green onions - free
rice - 1/3 cup - carb
4 mini chicken and cilantro potstickers - calling this protein but only 3 gm.
Mixed nuts - 1 T - fat

Books - Finally finished Angel of a little more interesting toward the end but not my kind of book. Now reading Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler. It's rather like a devotional and I like it.

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