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Originally Posted by Bunnydream View Post
I love your idea, and I've definitely thought of making meals and freezing them. (I need to put more effort like you hehe) Quite honestly, what you've said doesn't sound like a diet to me, just a bit of common sense. I do need a framework of a plan so that I know what I'm doing. I have a few ideas already, and I reallly appreciate those links, I get excited about cooking food that's healthy.

Yes, I know for a FACT that stuffing popcorn and eating bowl after bowl of rice and pasta is what is doing the damage. I've figured out that I won't be hungry for something sweet if there is nothing in the house! Fruits do the trick for me. I'm definitely removing the foods that are horrible for! It's good to know you've made so much progress!

Right?! I bought Just Dance 2014 for the Wii U, which I used a lot for a while...but then our bedroom had flooding! So our mattress has been in the living room while the landlord fixes it up and then cleans the carpet. But it hasn't been finished yet BUT I do have a membership, and I promised myself I would go there today.
I will definitely be looking at your threads. I have been on diets my entire life since I was 13, I just don't want to diet anymore.
Diets in the conventional sense are my pet peeve. I will say I'm not a fan, in any way, shape, or form, of intuitive eating for actually losing weight. Maintenance it works quite well, and for clearing head issues relating to your relationship with your body, but I haven't found they effectively deal with someone like me who consistently eats too much and has no full button, really, even on a very nutritious, delicious plan.

What you have to do is find a way of eating you can live with. Ditch the word diet if you must, but a great strategy is not adopting ANY behavior or change for losing weight that you aren't willing to maintain for the rest or your life. No 'on the diet' or 'off the diet' mentality, but rather one day and choice at a time, with no end date and no winning or losing. Just living your life sanely with food you like in amounts that support your health instead of worsening it.

My personal experience is that maintenance is much, much easier on low carb, with the rare higher carb day thrown in on my birthday and such. But everyone is different - find what works for you, but be aware that intuitive eating can pretty much lead to increased fattening in a woman like myself whose intuition, as it were, always asks for more
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