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Good morning ladies.
Today is weigh in day. It been 1 week and I'm down 4 lbs. yes!!!! I'm loving this plan. It's very balanced. Hopefully I can keep losing.
April fools day. :-( I completely forgot about it. Ds sent me a pic of a gorgeous engagement ring. Caption said: think she'll like it. I was jumping for joy. About time! I told him he had very good taste. I ask him when was he going to buy this. He didn't answer me for about 30 minutes. Then he said aw mom you know it's April fools day. I wanted to choke him. I told him I wanted to rat on him and tell his gf what he did. He said she was in on the joke. She was doing the same to her mom. I fell for it. You would think I would learn. Those 2 sons of mine are always pulling pranks on me. They tell me I'm easy. Oh we'll guess they love me!!!

Bobbi Incan relate to the tight jeans. You know they are tight when it's time to lay on the bed to zip em up.

Mary don't think eating the candy is cheating. Just fit it into your plan and keep going. That is what I keep telling myself. I also feel so guilty if I eat something that was always the forbidden thing in my mind. Nothing is forbidden as long as it's balanced and measured to the right serving.

K3 where are you? Miss hearing from you.

Gayle they have rain in the forecast for the entire weekend. You are just a few hours away from me. A lot of our weather comes from Houston.

Rosey I can't wait to see your Rosie room!!! I was watching a show about Alaska a couple night ago. Beautiful state. My brother was station in Alaska when he was in the army. Enjoy your warm sunshine!

Carol sue. It will feel even better when we finish this weekend the other half of the house. I try to stay busy most of the time. Ds just informed us that we are going to help him build steps for his house. Our other son needs a lil extension on his shed to put the mower under. I'll be glad when we get them settled in their homes. I have to fine time in there no go fishing!!!!!

Lizzy kudos to you for starting over. You got this. Think positive!!!! Why is it that us moms are the last one we take care of.

Hi to all I missed. Gotta scoot outa here.

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