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Originally Posted by pattygirl63 View Post
This is a flyby, but I just couldn't wait to share with y'all my results of just 2 days on Atkins Induction. I have a new low weight of 225.4 and a new low fbs of 113 mg. I am so very excited about how this is working.

I know some of this is probably water weight, but I didn't do this good with fluid pills. And I don't have to take them because low carb is a natural diuretic. One of the reasons that I never stayed with Atkins for too long before is that it has never worked this good for me in the past. I will continue what I am doing the rest of the week and I just might do the second to see how good I do in the two weeks Induction Phase. This has become an exciting challenge for me which is just the motivation that I needed. They say you can (not will) lose 15 lbs in the 2 week Induction. I don't really care whether I lose the 15 lb, I'm just curious as to how good this will work if I do it "by the book". And another plus is that my tummy is almot back to normal. I think the Induction will give a really good jump start that I probably need. And of course, when the 2 weeks is up, I will start adding back some good low carb veggies, fruits and eventually the grains that I want to add into the plan.
That's wonderful, Trish!!!!! Keep it up! So happy that your sugars have remained lower and steady the last two days. This is working for you beautifully- keep doing it for as long as you can- it is getting results.

I'm glad your stomach is feeling better, too.

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