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Sorry to see you go, but congratulations, Shrinking!

I made some pea soup yesterday and unfortunately didn't have any meat/veg dish handy last night, and as a result I triggered my hunger and *really* overate on the pea soup. It was bad, as in literally painful for hours. My brain just turned off and I didn't eat slowly the way I need to give it time to register the fullness. By the time I felt full, it was too late. How stupid is that?

Well, despite that pratfall, I was still back down to 143.6 this morning. I'm guessing it must be due to a lot of liquid in the soup just passing through. I've still got a lot of pea soup left (made a ginormous pot of it for the fambly), but I'm going to restrict it to a mugful for myself tonight and make sure I have meat&veg as the main meal.
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