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Originally Posted by davina View Post
I agree Locke. Honestly when I am hungry most of the day (i guess body adjusting to less food, im not really sure) and see the scale didnt move I want to cry and eat. I just get angry and think f it whats the point.
Boy, I remember those days! I have such sympathy for you.

I am thinking maybe twice a month might work ok.
I'm no expert, believe me, but I will tell you my previous experience with the scale.

When I was still using it, I rarely weighed more often than every two weeks. More often than not, once a month. Monthly seemed to work best for me, because if I was "staying on plan" (boy, I hate that phrase) I was pretty much guaranteed that I'd see a nice loss. It eliminated those inevitable ups and downs that can be so frustrating if you weigh too often.
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