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This is a flyby, but I just couldn't wait to share with y'all my results of just 2 days on Atkins Induction. I have a new low weight of 225.4 and a new low fbs of 113 mg. I am so very excited about how this is working.

I know some of this is probably water weight, but I didn't do this good with fluid pills. And I don't have to take them because low carb is a natural diuretic. One of the reasons that I never stayed with Atkins for too long before is that it has never worked this good for me in the past. I will continue what I am doing the rest of the week and I just might do the second to see how good I do in the two weeks Induction Phase. This has become an exciting challenge for me which is just the motivation that I needed. They say you can (not will) lose 15 lbs in the 2 week Induction. I don't really care whether I lose the 15 lb, I'm just curious as to how good this will work if I do it "by the book". And another plus is that my tummy is almot back to normal. I think the Induction will give a really good jump start that I probably need. And of course, when the 2 weeks is up, I will start adding back some good low carb veggies, fruits and eventually the grains that I want to add into the plan.

Today my goal is to "DO THE BEST I CAN TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE!!!
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