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Way to go, Deb. Hope you get a good night's sleep on that new bed. I know just adding a memory foam pad on top of my old cheap mattress made a huge difference for us. I hope the rain does hold off for you... it was here with us all night and is lingering this morning.

So, I had a rude awakening this morning. It's my WI day for WW online, so I weighed in and was checking the charts and realized, heavens, I was lower than this back in October... have been working since January just to make up the ground I lost in Nov/Dec. And it's so excruciatingly slow even when I'm staying strictly OP. So then I was messing around looking at the various control panels and realized that my plan was set in "maintenance" mode. It must have been there a long, long time. Maybe since I started WW! Because as soon as I switched into losing mode, it took away 7 daily points. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if they had ever jumped UP by 7 points.

So, the short version of the story is, there's no way I can suddenly jump down 7 points a day, especially not at this point in the semester. So I'm going to stick with the number I was on in maintenance, with the goal of trying to go one point lower. That'll mean I'm using most of the weekly flex points, but I'll try to work myself down to 37 by the time school's out.

I'm serious. They should have a big blinking light that says "You are in maintenance mode." It's amazingly difficult to notice.

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