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7 Months wow and still below goal that's awesome. for not mixing the fat and carbs does this mean never having butter on bread? I just bought some Nature's own Whole Wheat thin sliced bagels. In checking all the breads on the shelves this was the lowest this store had to offer having 22 Carbs for an entire bagel slim where as all the breads had 20 per slice of bread. I haven't eaten them yet I just bought them but they do have 4G of sugar. Why do you choose carbs without sugar?
That Taco sounds awesome!!!!!!! Definitely trying that, use to love laughing cow cheese when I did south beach diet prior.
I'm thinking a fun day should be more that way. A mean a special treat not a whole day. This was wonderful thank you!!!

Hi kcdoe! I don't have butter on bread except for breakfast or fun day, but if I want it I toast the cauliflower shells lightly with a little butter and garlic salt/powder. I swear those shells come in very handy. I use them as hamburger buns also. I HATED cauliflower before this diet and now eat it everyday. I make a batch of them and keep them in the freezer so I have them for like 3 weeks. I choose carbs without or with the lowest sugar because I don't have cravings after them. Sometimes if I have too much sugar in anything it triggers me and I want to eat more. Pepperidge farms makes a low carb bread, for 2 slices it is 120 calories and 10 net carbs. Not sure if your supermarket carries that. Good luck!!!!!

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