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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
Steel which article are you referring to. I can't remember any apart from the things on nutrition wonderland and i haven't found it either. Do you mean the one about the novel by Lionel Shriver. She's American but now lives in Britain i think.

Yes, that was the article.

Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
All meat is carb free and therefore its gluten free, unless its had flour added to it. Meat is pure protein except for the marbling which is fat.
Not true- this information came from three reliable sources that the meet HERE is not all gluten free or carb free. Two of them are scientists that study the foods we eat and know first hand what shows up in their labs. The other is a holistic doctor who is a friend of a teacher that is gluten free herself- she told my daughter not to eat any meat that wasn't organic, and to make sure that the meat was grass fed, not grain. Again, what they allow here in this country in our food and what they allow elsewhere is extremely different. It's very very sad what they are allowed to put in our foods here!

Originally Posted by Pattience View Post

Anyway now that i've finished your post, i can see what you have to do. Its a wonder you didn't say it. You have to move! And i don't mean exercise lol. I mean to California or Ontario or wherever the food is more nutritious.
LOL, don't think I haven't considered it myself! Seriously, it really makes you think such thoughts, when it comes to health issues. I have never seen so many people sick with all the things people are sick with, at such young ages, in my life. When I compare my parents generation to ours- what a difference between what they ate, and what we eat now. To know that the Pres passed a bill that would allow dairy farmers to add aspartame to milk without putting it on the nutrition labels so folks can choose not to buy it, is just downright scary. I can't eat anything with aspartme- it is toxic to my system and has in the past, caused neurological problems. Just what I need, to have it added to my milk without my knowledge!

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