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Pattience- I read that article you posted the other day- very interesting! However, she's from a different country than ours, and I am not so sure if her country adds the crap to their meat that ours does. In the chicken breasts over here, they add up to 15% broth- why?!?!?! As if people on low sodium diets needed more added to what should be a natural food?

They add red dyes, hormones, and antibiotics, and the animals are mostly grain fed. Let us not forget, that the grains they eat probably have pesticides in it, too. Also, did you know that meat over here, the grain fed kind, is not only NOT gluten free, but it's also not CARB free, either, because of the grains they eat. Unless you buy the very expensive organic meat straight from the farm, I have news for some folks- it is not gluten free nor carb free. Sad, isn't it?

I live in the country, thank goodness, and can get fresh eggs all year long- what a difference in the yolk- the color, thickness, and taste! The store brands, which we try to avoid using, isn't as dark in color, nor does it even taste close to what a farm raised egg tastes like. Huge difference!

When I visited Canada several times with my family, the first few times, I refused to buy any steak or red meat products- it looked nasty to me. Well, I told my husband this the last time we were there, and he said to me "it's because they don't add any red dye to it, that's why it is brown in color". So, I gave in, bought a roast as well as some stewing beef, and cooked it- it was FABULOUS! So tender, moist, and guess what? We didn't eat half as much as what we usually do here! Is it because it was filling with real meat and not the fat that we get here, along with the red dyes and God knows what else?

I visited my friend's daughter on the last night we were there- she had made pork chops, boneless, on the grill. More like medallions than chops, they were so thin. I kept thinking to myself- I'll probably eat about ten of these, they're so small. Guess what? I ate only two, and was FULL.

Her mother (my friend), made us a delicious roasted chicken dinner. When we got to her house, we were outside, and our stomachs were literally grumbling, because it smelled ssssssssssssooooooooooo delicious! I can remember as a kid, being able to smell meat cooking from our house or the neighbors from INSIDE their homes while playing outside- I can't remember when the last it was I actually smelled anyone's chicken dinner or roast beef cooking until I went to my friend's house that night. Her husband works on a farm, and they got the chicken from that farm- it was so tender, moist, and what a flavor it had! It was absolutely delicious! Since we came back here, only one other time did we smell that smell again, it was when an organic roasting chicken went on sale, and I bought it, from a farm not too farm from us. what a difference in flavor and smell!

Also- while we were out in Ontario, we visited a park that was gorgeous, with lots to do for fun and exercise. Just beautiful. Yet, while I was swimming, I was embarrassed to get out of the water. Why? Because I was the only heavy person there! They have winters like we do, so I can't even blame the cold weather for not getting more outdoor exercising. Yet, these people were thin and trim, and very active. I am active, but so bloated looking. I truly think some of the food we eat is extremely toxic over here. It shows when you walk down the street and most of the people have a weight problem. How did we get so big over here?

One other place had trim and healthy looking people- California. People can say what they want about that state- but they are much much more healthier than we are on the East Coast. My best friend and I had to go to Santa Barbara four years ago when her sister passed away. We were both obese- talk about feeling like a fish out of water- it was embarrassing! Yet, the people were so nice and friendly. Funny thing, her and I rode bikes, walked, and hiked alot- neither one of us are lazy, she's lost a lot of weight the last couple of years and look fabulous, while I sit here waiting for this weight to come off, lol. I think I need to stop eating health food- she ate an unhealthy diet but watched her calories, my sister and other thin friends all eat junk food and crap and hardly exercise, meanwhile, I eat healthy food and exercise two to three hours per day six days per week, and look..........bloated, lol! Just kidding, though- no way, do I want to eat like that.

Oh, and out in California in Santa Barbara, I had the best tasting oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and avocados- the citrus fruits were right off their trees in their back yards- so juicy and sweet- the orange juice was literally dribbling off of our chins! We loved the fresh squeezed lemonade we made from the lemons. By the time we get any citrus fruit out here, it is so dried up compared to theirs out there. We took a suitcase home full of all of those fruits, and I was broken hearted when we ate the last of them. So delicious- those people have them falling of their trees in their backyards, I am so jealous! We can't grow any citrus fruits here, or I would have several trees now in my backyard.

So I did enjoy that article very much, and it made a lot of sense, not thinking about food all the time. Still, if we had food like we did back in the 60's and 70's, minus all the preservatives, MSG, broth, red dyes, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides, I am just willing to bet that most of us would maybe be slightly heavier due to all the processed foods and fast food places, but we wouldn't be nearly these sizes we are now, thanks to all the added crap in our food. Makes a big difference, if you ask me. Thanks for the good read, though- I enjoyed it!

Forgot to add- the same thing happened in Mexico as it did in Canada. I have news for everyone- they made the first version of NutriBullet, lol. Seriously, we went there over ten years ago, and stayed at an all inclusive resort. Every morning, you could have any fruit juice you wanted- all fresh and natural, and as much as you wanted. While I didn't notice the color of their meats as they cooked it (hey, I was taking a break from cooking for a week, lol!), it was tender and tasty, and again, filling! We all lost a few pounds coming back from that vacation, too- how can that be, eating all of the food that we did all day and night? We exercised like all families do on vacation- swimming, hiking, walking, etc, but it's no different than from over here when we do those things. Still, both the vacations to Canada and Mexico left us feeling wonderful and we all lost weight. Go figure?

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