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Thank you, I've discovered I like Parsnip Fries and Spaghetti Squash. I discovered these items quite by accident, realizing after that they were forbidden. I stupidly thought Parsnips were Turnips, never having had either LOL imagine how upset I was when I started calculating Parsnips in my fitness Pal and discovering their Carb content. I threw an entire tray of them in the trash In maintenance I will be able to have them.


Thank you so much that was very helpful. I've had the same issue. Started finding in the evening's I'm craving carbs and wanting to much. I'm trying to come up with healthier choices. Making the nonrestricted Wildberry muffins for a better choice. rather then a sleeve of garlic ritz crackers. I went through a patch after a hospital stay having lost 40 lbs and did the eat everything in sight thing. I gained the 11 lbs I lost in the hospital in 3 months, started back on IP right where I left off, oddly enough. But I too felt horrible and realized how badly refined carbs affect me. I'm struggling now with cravings and have to put them in perspective and find things to have.
I'm struggling with the breakfasts trying to Determine what I can have and old habits and utilizing new ones. That's why all of this helps so much. Really appreciate your sharing this!!!

That is exactly right. Problem with this diet is the same thing that makes it so wonderful. You lose fast. I've lost 60 lbs in 6 months. happening that fast means it's not a long slow battle so the habits are not something learned and followed for a long period of time. But they must be kept or it will only come back. That goes without saying. I do agree this diet doesn't change a persons make up the best we can hope for is to learn and have a tool that helps us keep on track. I'm hoping this is the one for me. thank you

7 Months wow and still below goal that's awesome. for not mixing the fat and carbs does this mean never having butter on bread? I just bought some Nature's own Whole Wheat thin sliced bagels. In checking all the breads on the shelves this was the lowest this store had to offer having 22 Carbs for an entire bagel slim where as all the breads had 20 per slice of bread. I haven't eaten them yet I just bought them but they do have 4G of sugar. Why do you choose carbs without sugar?
That Taco sounds awesome!!!!!!! Definitely trying that, use to love laughing cow cheese when I did south beach diet prior.
I'm thinking a fun day should be more that way. A mean a special treat not a whole day. This was wonderful thank you!!!

OK what I ate today:
I was out of eggs so I had the IP Omelet with 3 links of turkey sausage with low-fat cottage cheese.
Lunch: 6 0z chicken breast with broccoli with garlic salt.
Dinner: Burger (lean)
Had garlic bread (shouldn't have) my son made pasta alfredo with garlic bread for himself and my hubby, I didn't touch that but allowed myself a piece of the bread.
SNACK: IP chocolate puffs
Drank unsweet tea with Stevia Green leaf.

Still learning trying to figure this out. searching this site for meals and ideas of what to buy.

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