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Yeah, Bobbi I believe that one... I caught my dh...told him I found $3000 in one our of accounts I'd didn't realize (or maybe forgot??) was there. And he believed me!

Today's been kind of a up and down day. First we got some sad and disappointing news from a family member, then our youngest son says they are pregnant on first we thought it was true...then later got to thinking about it being April Fools Day and sure enough he was joking. We are not really disappointed as we think he has enough children but you can't help feeling a little excited at the possiblity of a grandchild. Plus other news that made my heart hurt for those involved. So I have sorta run the gambit on emotions today and I'm tired.

At the dental appt, they said dh is going to need implants and a new plate soon as his remaining four teeth (he has a partial) are breaking down badly. We are saving for this but not quit ready to do it. Hopefully it can wait a little longer.

So far my eating has been ok I guess...although I did cheat a little bit after lunch and had a small chocolate and pb easter egg. It was a busy day so we didn't go to the and CU this morning and dental appts this afternoon. It was 4 pm when we finally had some fast food for lunch. So we will just snack tonight each on our own.

My meals:
PB mocha frappe - pro, carb, fat

regular hamburger - carb, pro and probably should count as fat
garden salad - free
small easter egg candy- fat and carb (my cheat)

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