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Originally Posted by NewKate2014 View Post
1BigHog (I don't want to call you that!!!)
LOL! Don't feel bad; it has nothing to do with my eating habits or shape of my body! "Hogs" is a nickname for the mascot of the local university.

Originally Posted by CalCounter1003 View Post
You reminded me of an article, or more like a blog on eating lunch out:

I raised my kids that eating out was a waste of money and time. That's not even mentioning how it can throw off a diet. However if it's with the boss, it is hard to say no!
I actually used this argument with my boss today!!!

Boss: Do you want to go out to lunch?
Me: No, thanks.
Boss: Ugh, are you on a diet?
Me: Yes.
Boss: You still have to eat....
Me: I do eat!
Boss: Can't you have a salad?
Me: Salads are free at home!
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