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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
Hi Patty, Sorry Trish, I forget.

Thanks for sharing all the detail.

Its true that you need to be aware of your salt intake when you are eating whole foods but you don't need to eat MORE salt than is healthy. But for a week or two it probably doesn't matter unless you have high blood pressure or some other health issue.

And its true you need salt in order to keep the fluids up otherwise you would just pee it all out. I've experienced those night cramps but in quite different circumstances and i figured out it was due to dehydration caused by low salt. But quite late in the peace.

I'm not a fan of the low carb approach. Just saying...
Patty or Trish is fine. I answer to both. When your name is Patricia, you answer to many different nicknames. It is true we need a certain amount of salt. Atkins recommends it when low carbing because low carb is a naural diuretic. However, they also recommend drinking plenty of water as well to keep electrolytes at a healthy level and to avoid dehydration. One nice thing about this is that I won't have to take any diuretics any more. I take them at my request not as a recommendation from my doc. He is really good at working with me.

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