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Originally Posted by CherryPie99 View Post
I do find it fascinating how food effects different people differently. When I was actively losing, I almost NEVER indulged. Literally Xmas and Thanksgiving was about it.

In maintenance it's a little different - I am allowing foods in that were previously no-nos.

But I find that if I have a day of massive overeating (think a large buffet) that completely cures my cravings for several weeks. And I eat on plan until the next episode of pigging out. I know that this would not work for everyone, but for me, it is working.

That's the way I manage it in maintenance, too. A few select days I eat whatever I want, in whatever quantities I want, no counting. Then I'm back on plan the very next day. That scratches the mental itch for quite awhile, but it wouldn't have worked so well in the midst of losing (like right now, I can't indulge without it setting back my progress in the last few pounds).

A little bit every day is like a creeping serpent for me. Not bad, not bad, then I blink and it's around my neck. I eat delicious, on plan foods in controlled quantities daily, so that every three or four months when I do have a holiday I can eat what I want guiltless and maintain. Moderation no intuitive eating keep me yoyoing and fighting regains. I'm a lifetime food logger, food weigher, scale watcher, and occasional free eater. It's very individual, but the advice toward more carbs and moderation leads me to awful cravings and weight creep.
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