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Originally Posted by Radiojane View Post
I'd love to be able to eat intuitively, but right now I'm more concerned with getting the weight off my frame before I do major damage.
I so completely understand that.

As I've written before many times on this board, my battle over excess weight has only been since I went into menopause. I struggled a bit with a little extra weight in my 20's, but my childbearing years found me thin and fit, better than I'd ever been before. For 20 years I was a normal weight and I never gave a second thought to what I ate.

I'm convinced my yoyo'ing weight gain/loss/gain over the last 10-12 years is a direct RESULT of dieting. But that is not true for many people, particularly people who have never experienced a normal weight.

I could never speak to your experience, as it is not my own. But I can empathize with you and I suspect I'd feel the very same way if I were in your shoes.
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