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For me giving up sugar, which I've done in the past, allows me to really enjoy "healthy" foods. After about a week sugar free, its like the taste comes back to regular food for me. Even plain yogurt, something that tasted awful when I was eating regular vanilla or sweetened yogurt, now tastes good. It is possible to "retrain" your taste buds so to speak, and after doing so, I truly enjoy delicious and healthy foods and don't feel deprived.

When I want something sweet I will have it, but the urge to binge is gone, so I no longer feel like I "need" those trigger food. There's no craving, no internal "voice" saying eating. Those foods have lost their power (when abstaining from sugar).

I have been battling binge/starve cycle since my teens. I will say that the other key for me has been when I do over eat for whatever reason (but I do not binge anymore, say having 2 big slices of pizza when I should have stopped at 1) , I no longer restrict to make up for calories. I just go back to normal eating.

Do not feel sad for me. I have never felt so free from struggle since my teens. The weight is coming off nicely. I am eating a well balanced healthy diet, I feel physically better for it and mentally the addiction is controllable by not having any sugar. I only eat it at special occasions and it does make the cravings come back full force, so I am very very careful to only slip once in a while. This is not for everyone, but for me, I was still living in **** eating "everything" moderately because I was still consuming my heroin food (sugar), I was still hooked. Not everyone has an issue with sugar addiction but I do.

In a way I do IE, but I do it with foods that do not contain my drug. And I know that when I want to eat something, its because I'm hungry, not because my brain and body are looking for their next sugar fix.

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