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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Autumn, I think you need to choose a goal weight first, and then stick with it. If you lose more weight, then you are not eating enough, maybe because you are exercising and you are burning points that way. That is not a bad thing, just have a plan of a nutritious snack to make up the points from exercise. Maybe a protein shake with some spinach or an apple thrown in, or greek yogurt with fruit. From what I'm reading, it feels like you feel "out of control". You have a lot of changes and that makes many people anxious. You can get a handle on it. Plan to keep the points up, the same way some of us plan to keep the points down. Count your activity points if they cause you to lose and make adjustments.

Yay, March is over, it's April, here's to a successful April for all!
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