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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
Food is pleasure
Food is not pleasure
Food can be pleasure
Food should not be pleasure

Pick the one that applies to you and make it work for life.
Food most definitely is pleasurable and probably is for most people. However how you manage, handle, and give place to "pleasure" in your life is a completely individual matter.

I find shopping hugely pleasurable, i find a lot of things pleasurable but i know myself, if i don't put limits and boundries on those "pleasures", i will over do and wreck my life. And.. that is ENTIRELY OKAY to do so, it doesn't imply that i'm missing out on something or acting out of dysfunction. For me, i take huge amount of pleasure in eating the healthy, relatively lower carb foods that i eat daily and eschew M&M's, huge amounts of bread and butter, etc. it's a choice for me and i can also make a conscious choice to THINK that way about my food (ie, just because i'm restricting myself doesn't mean i'm missing out on life).

Taking the negative emotion out of doing that for me is as equally important in you taking the negative emotion out of not denying yourself. ALL departure points are valid.

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