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1285/1200 today. Just over because I attended a tea party at my pupils' after school club, had a couple of meringues AND a piece of rocky road! (oops!) so had a v low cal dinner and also did a 300cal workout when I got home.

MarliQQ Chocolate is an issue for me too!! I find the low cal "options" hot chocolate that we get in the UK is amazing. 40kcal per cup and gives me a sweet kick in the evening when I crave!!

1BigHog (I don't want to call you that!!!) Great job on the work outs! You're obviously busting your ***!! keep up the good work!! I have lots of temptations at work too - staff room cakes/chocolates/biscuits .. all sorts! total killer. I've decided to just say no 95% of the time and I find if it's out of sight, it's out of mind - so always have my back to it!!

Abbyin totally getting ramped up for April!!! Lets gooooo!!

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