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I agree that food should be pleasure at times! What we do to lose weight is what we have to keep doing to make it stay off forever, so it should be manageable and even enjoyable. Of course, there are many different plans people prefer, and choosing the one that fits individually is the way to go.

When I stopped thinking that I would have to live off of salads and chicken, or cut out food groups to lose weight, the weight started to come off for the first time ever. Personally, for me, restricting certain foods gives food too much power. I spend too much time obsessing over what I can't eat if I totally ban food groups and end up feeling deprived and quitting. But if I give myself permission to eat anything in moderation, I'm able to eat my food, feel satisfied, and move on. I also developed a new liking for vegetables, fish, etc... and healthy habits in combination with moderation works for me so far. If I cut out a food I loved permanently, I'd end up cracking and eating too much of it eventually, whether it's a month from now or 10 years down the road. If I don't cut it out, then I can control myself around it because I know it's now the last time I'm going to eat it.

There is something to be said about why celebrating with food has been done through-out human history. The book, French Women Don't Get Fat, covers why enjoying food can actually help some people lose weight or stay thin.

I also have memories that come back to me and make food more enjoyable. I remember when I was a kid, my family would take bikes and water balloons out to the fishing park, and we would barbecue food. Now anytime at a barbecue surrounded by people I like on a nice day, I definitely see no harm in enjoying a cheeseburger. It brings back that happy care-free summer feeling, and I'm more likely to eat less because I'm happy and satisfied. After trick or treating, we would come in to a pot of hot chili, and now my Halloween would feel weird without chili. The only time of year I have cheesecake is on Christmas because of tradition and happy memories. I never really ate candy or candy bars, even at my highest weight, but I do allow some snickers or reeses on Halloween because that's the only time of year eating them is enjoyable because of the moment and memories.
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