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Food is pleasure. I will not deny that.

But it too me 48 years to realize it is arguably the most powerful thing we do on a daily basis that can lead to health or disease. It is, whether we want it to be or not, our fuel. And it has a profound impact on health.

I don't want to be a 'Debbie or Don Downer?'. But dementia is now exploding like diabetes and obesity before it.

I am glad people have such fond memories of food. I believe diet is the number one cause of dementia. Just be aware of that everyone for loved ones and yourself. You don't want all this pleasurable food to lead to memory lost. Trust me you do not want that. And not saying anyone reading that will ever have that happen to them or a loved one. But it does happen to people.

Everyone needs to find their own way to health and success or whatever balance they personally want to find. Perhaps some people are OK with whatever trade-offs there are. I don't know.

But food just being what it pleasure. But it is also a whole lot more, it is vital one way or another to our health or lack thereof.

I've found a good balance between a lot of pleasure and health, and I believe almost everyone is searching for their own best way for them to achieve that.

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