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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
Coincidentally before I even read this I bought French bread, Camembert and fig jam, a food combination that I either restrict or binge on. The plan is to enjoy some with a glass of wine for dinner without guilt.
Umm, sounds good! May have that on Easter Sunday instead of the traditional food feast. Easter Sunday because I've given up wine for Lent.

As for the topic of this thread, the bottom line is "Different strokes for different folks." I don't envy anyone who feels it is necessary to restrict certain foods, but I would never tell them not to do so. If it works for them, and they feel they can live with it, then Bravo!

I consider myself fortunate that I can eat any food in moderation. Practicing intuitive eating for me has relieved me of any guilt over any food I eat, which has been my bugaboo for the last 10 years or so. The guilt resulting from eating the so-called bad foods was the primary cause of my eating more and more of them, not any type of physical craving for them. I was constantly "dieting on Monday," which would fall by the wayside about Wednesday or Thursday, resulting in last supper eating syndrome which went on for 3 or 4 days. Until I started over on Monday, repeating the cycle over and over again.

Once I made the decision to no longer diet, this cycle stopped. And the weight gain stopped. And the guilt stopped. And now I am at peace with food.

I wish peace with food for anyone who struggles with this, using whatever method works for them.
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