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Hi everyone. another beautiful day here in Alaska,its cold in the am but by afternoon I can sit on the deck without a coat. loving that. Ive been fighting my allergies and feel stuffy and headachy..the dh is done with the constructing of the craft room( I think the sawdust and paint made my allergies worse)so this afternoon we can start moving all my stuff in I will take pictures when it is as I want it. we picked up my mil lift chair for that rm(she is in nursing home and gave it to me) and I bought a brite fushia pink rug to go under the chair.. so ill have my own ladys cave.can u tell im excited and mr cranky did a great job.
For the new folks,i had bariatric surg,but even tho I cant eat more than 1 cup at a time,i struggle everyday to keep my weight steady,and finally lost the#'s I gained over the holidays. im hoping to get dh to start going to the pool again, being handicapped sometimes makes me frustrated when I have to wait on someone else to get me to where I want to go.. im learning to be patient hoping you all have a low calorie day and Bobbie thankyou for setting up the new month rosey

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