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Thanks and HI Daks...Nice to hear from you!!

Me thinks maintenance is real individual...key is individual metabolism and possibly how much weight one had gained and needed to lose. It seems to me that someone with less poundage/%body mass to lose probably is NOT at all, or not AS, insulin resistant as another individual who had say, 25-30% or more of their body weight to lose and/or had been heavy for a longer period of time with no success in losing anything that mattered.

A friend at the gym actually made an astounding parallel between animals and people recently in a conversation..stating -
"It is well known that even within a breed of animals...the nutrition and diet of animals like dogs and horses is not one size fits all, and a good animal handler knows how to tailor what the individual animal needs. Why should any one think people are any different!!!!"
I wanted to hug her....and gotta admit this is like the epitome of "Occams Razor"....!! Simply stated: "The most apparent or simple answer is usually the RIGHT answer."
**Ernst Mach advocated a version of Occam's razor which he called the Principle of Economy, stating that "Scientists must use the simplest means of arriving at their results and exclude everything not perceived by the senses." Taken to its logical conclusion, this philosophy becomes positivism; the belief that there is no difference between something that exists but is not observable and something that doesn't exist at all.
Sorry...I digress....This off track thought is not to discount the success or speed that those with lesser to lose can hit goal using IP, and get on with a normal metabolic life...but their metabolism may not be as broken...YAY for them! Seriously...I mean that sincerely. And if the medical community directed those with weight issues to this solution early on in the process...maybe there would be less broke metabolism issues in this country that get permanently out of whack.

Those who know there was definitely a problem metabolically for themselves should not expect IP to "fix it".... That is baloney.... !!!
IP will help get the weight off better faster and easier when nothing else will. But unless there is a committment to making the appropriate lifestyle changes...the winning game is over when the diet ends....

I too find more than a hint of processed carbs will create cravings (crackers)..!! ... When I eat "clean" ... grilled or roasted proteins, eggs, fresh vegetables and limit 98% of my carbs to high fiber foods... and avoid sugar like the devil personified..I feel bloating and no gaining.

There is not a scripted recipe for maintenance. You gotta work it out for yourself...Those who have not tried to learn and make the correct life style changes emotionally and personally in activity level while on this diet will have a steep learning curve during maintenance ...and that may be too large a challenge to overcome before the metabolic issue reoccurs.
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