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Hi Ladies!

I just wanted to say that I have been lurking in this thread almost since it started, as I have known for quite some time that I needed to up my fiber intake.

As some of you know, I practice intuitive eating exclusively, but you have provided me some great information about how to add fiber to my diet. I love English muffins but hadn't had any in quite some time, so I found some of the higher fiber ones and have been having one most days. I generally only have a little butter on it but my husband and I were just at the grocery store and I picked up a jar of Polaner All Fruit Blackberry spread. Looking forward to trying that tomorrow on my English muffin!

This is probably TMI, but I have suffered from chronic constipation over the last few years. Just adding some of this extra fiber to my diet has really helped. My goal is not weight loss but rather peace with food. However, I can tell I've lost a little weight, not only from IE but also because I've become more regular.

In my dieting past I have tried low-carb and I think one of the reasons I was so terribly unsuccessful with it was the horrible constipation I experienced. For someone who has problems already, it was untenable for me. But it's nice to hear that upping your fiber can result in weight loss. I see why; it fills you up, resulting in overall less food intake. I eat more vegetables than I do fruit, but I've never eaten as much of either as I should have. I'm a bread freak, so substituting a high-fiber English muffin for other bread products is easy for me to do.

Hope you don't mind if I continue to lurk. I like the information I'm getting here!
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