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I totally agree with you. When I hear people say things like "juice has no place in a healthy diet" or "cereal is evil," I often think all that fierce energy is misplaced. It's in our nature to enjoy and revel in food. Yesterday I was at a catered party, and one of the people I talked to said, "Eating good food has healing powers, just like medicine."

Nothing wrong with searching for the intersection between tasty and healthy. My own definition of healthy is comparatively broad. I sure don't want to live on a planet in which fresh baguette, fragrant cheese and a bottle of fine red wine spread out over a picnic blanket isn't considered healthy.

Insulin resistance runs in my family. My grandmother lost a leg and died from complications eventually. My uncle got diabetes and dementia as I mentioned.

Did I 'choose' to consider a fresh baguette to be unhealthy? Did I choose to consider fruit juice or cereals to be unhealthy? Did anyone on the planet 'choose' these all to be considered unhealthy? No. People just noticed the impact foods like these were having on themselves and on loved ones and some reacted accordingly. Those who felt they were negatively impacting them, they may not impact you negatively.

I will say this there are profound differences in what people consider unhealthy or not. John McDougall or Colin Campbell versus say Tim Noakes and Sam Feltham have very different views on what is healthy. My low carb high fat approach for instance, many people consider unhealthy.

But I don't consider fruit juice and bread to be unhealthy to get under anyone's skin or impact anyone negatively in anyway. I consider them to unhealthy because to the best of my personal experiences and all the research I've read I know them to be for me, and I believe them to be for many people. The cheese and wine is great though.

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