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This is my story and very personal but I wanted to share. Last year, 2013, my beloved uncle came to live with us. He was my dad and I am his closest living relative. We had been trying since he retired to get him to live with us. He refused. He had developed pretty bad dementia and we just finally got the move with all his doctors telling him he had to move. It was devastating. I remember one particular day we were at the Waco Zoo for hours. Then we went out to eat. Less than 30 minutes after leaving the zoo he didn't remember he had even been there. At that moment I just wanted to crawl up into a little ball and die.

It was so heart breaking. My wife and I also adopted our beloved daughter after years of trying to have a family. She was 2 at that point, 3 now. I realized she would be just 15 when I hit 60. My uncle is only 22 years older than me. Nothing could be harder than getting dementia. NOTHING. Certainly not food. I was determined.

So I had all the motivation in the world, I was on a motivation high. So I told myself I don't care how much it is going to stink...I am NEVER eating the way I used to. I was also so tired of being hungry all the time and aches and pains and being lethargic and un-athletic. I choose to eliminate foods. I had my uncle's example, and I felt his diet gave him dementia, and however hard it was going to be I knew it was NOTHING compared to the pain I would inflict on my family and myself if I got dementia.

So I was ready to eliminate food that was keeping me hungry and overweight and unhealthy as I saw it.

For me it worked. Again I think motivation and timing was everything in my success. I also want to say that not only do I not crave the food anymore it actually makes me ill now, much of it. I used to go to a great restaurant in the Austin area, Pluckers. I loved their wings. I went back after not going for a few months, a couple of months ago. I got a massive headache when finishing the wings. It was scary and intense and made me very frightened. I hadn't experienced that before. I got home and wondered what could it have been. I've changed our oils at home completely, I called and they cook in soy oil. I looked up soy oil reactions and the most common one is headaches.

Our bodies are amazing. Sometimes too amazing for our own good. When I went often to Pluckers the soy oil effect was not so much. I couldn't even feel it, my body was dealing with it. But after eating 'cleaner' I could feel the impact. Just last week similar thing happened. Went to a restaurant haven't been for a few months. Before I was fine in it. I tried to order clean but I don't know their oils used or how much sugar or HFCS I might have been getting. I left feeling woozy and dizzy. My body just isn't used to what I used to eat anymore. So not only don't I miss it now, it often makes me sick.

This is my story. I hope everyone including Wannabe has as much success as they want with whatever method/approach works for them. I fully acknowledge had I not had my sky high motivation at that time, I might not have made it pass the transition period. I TOTALLY get not getting over the transition period, it happened to me more than once. But once I did it this time, got over the hump this time, it got easier and easier because my appetite went down so much.

But if this helps one person it is worth it. Perhaps that person will try moderation and succeed, perhaps they won't. Perhaps in ten years they might remember this and think you know I am ready to just go for it now with the eliminating foods approach. I am willing to get over the transition period and just eliminate these things for good or at least try it. And perhaps it will help them then to know it can work for some people.

My last thoughts are these. Everyone is different and I wish everyone the best in whatever they choose. But for me things are PROFOUNDLY different having eliminated foods. I believe for me cereals are for sure 'evil'. I don't spend wasted time worrying about that I have just eliminated grains. And my back pain went away, I haven't gotten sick since then, my allergies went away, 87 pounds and counting went away, my vitality is through the roof. So yes profound changes. Are all these changes from grain elimination? No. But the back pain is for sure, that went right away with stopping my last grain, corn, and it comes back if I have grains by mistake.

When I eat now and I don't have many carbs aside from veggies, my body uses the fat I give it instead of storing it. I have become 'fat adapted'.

OK very last thought. I knew I was unhealthy and the unhealthiest wasn't enough for me to change. We adopted our daughter 2 years ago and that wasn't enough to change. Then my uncle got dementia which as I stated above was devastating.

All three things together were an unstoppable motivating force for me to make permanent changes. Does anyone else have to eliminate foods to succeed? No. I am sure there are many successful approaches. I have chosen to and it has worked beyond belief.
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