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Originally Posted by krampus View Post
The "idea" of trigger foods that you have unsubscribed from is a real issue for many. Simple carbs and sugars screw with blood sugar and insulin levels and can generate dopamine rushes and cravings. I do not identify as a sugar or carb addict, but after a giant pasta dish or too much dessert I often feel like I might be turning into one, and get horrible gnawing sensations that literally never happen when I tone down the carbs. It is entirely possible to "sit with it" and still lose/maintain, but if satiety and moderation is the goal, the path will be trickier with lots of sugar and carbs.
What you're doing can be done within the intuitive eating scheme. I am careful to eat refined carbohydrates in small portions because I feel sick after eating them if I don't. Many times if I have something sweet it is with a meal that contains protein and fat. I don't enjoy sodas, big plates of pasta, donuts, etc. because I feel my heart beating faster from the carb load after I eat them. Do I still have a craving for a donut? Sure, every once in a while but I remember that they make me feel like sh*t after I eat them. I may opt for a donut hole instead.

IE is a psychological game. If I tell myself that I can't have donuts, that they are poison, junk, etc. I find myself compulsively thinking about them. To be obsessed with what you can't have seems to be a very common human reaction to restriction. Here's an example from my life: when I went grain free I saw a newspaper article in my paper reviewing a restaurant famous for their chicken and waffles. I felt myself get angry and jealous at the people pictured in the restaurant eating these poisonous, fattening foods. Don't they realize how they are giving themselves diabetes and heart disease??? I craved eating chicken and waffles so badly that I went and binged on frozen toaster waffles and frozen chicken nuggets- foul junk that I didn't even taste.

Now that I've given myself permission to eat whatever I want I don't feel any sort of compulsion to eat foods. Chicken and waffles? Of course they're delicious but I just haven't felt like eating them. I can be happy for the people I see walking down the street eating ice cream- ice cream is delicious! How much fun is it to walk down the street on a sunny day eating an ice cream cone? Of course the pleasure comes from discipline and moderation. The biggest mistake I have made in my life is equating the pleasure of secretly stuffing myself with a carton of ice cream alone in my house at night with the pleasure of walking down a sunny street with a friend and eating an ice cream cone.
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