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Good morning all. Ubee, thanks for starting us off on a new month! Where is the year going?

Ubee We can do this. We WILL do this. We want to do this. And I've decided I want this more than potato chips, ice cream, and chocolate. I tore off the very mottled looking calendar page for March and looked at the blank one for April. I am committed to having an entire month of completely colored in days. Even if we don't lose an ounce during the month, just eating right for a month would be a big behavior change. Let's do it! Good luck with the change for your husband. Sounds like a great life style change.

Jane Way to go -- both on watching that scale go down and getting in that exercise even when winter refuses to say goodbye to you.

SilentArctic It is so hard to get back on track after a great vacation. Actually, it's hard to get back on track after just about anything that throws us off. Want to join us (hopefully others will join me in the Solid April coloring contest) and try to have a solid month of completely colored in days on your calendar?

Around the beginning of May I know that I will be getting lots of exercise as I'll have to take a scythe to the yard by then. We (Bill and I share a riding mower) took the mower in for repairs yesterday and won't get it back for three weeks. By then, we'll have a hay crop. The rain has stopped so I'm going to force myself to get some yard work done. Meeting a friend from the distant past high school days for lunch tomorrow, but will be having a chicken roasted beet salad. And today I'm trying to rehydrate some freezer burned chicken and pork by simmering them in broth at a low temp in the oven for several hours, shredding the meat and then fixing some sort of pulled meat dishes. Think I'll make a chicken taco salad with salsa as the dressing for tonight. Maybe some sort of barbequed pork -- we'll see! Have a great day. Have to go order the Trex to replace some boards on the deck, hit the gym, and then hit the yard.

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