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Today will be a test!

It's my first day back to work after spring break and starting calorie counting.

1) I won't be able to workout twice today like I have been during break.
2) I won't be able to get up and go to my kitchen for a healthy snack every time I feel hungry.
3) We sell junk food at my job; it's so easy to grab a bag of chips or a chocolate bar if I'm feeling a little hungry!
4) My boss always always always goes out for lunch and I love to go with her; it will be hard to say no.

The plan: I've already worked out today and had 1/2 my breakfast (coffee, fried egg, turkey bacon)...I'll have the other 1/2 (green smoothie) on my way to work in a couple of hours. That should be enough to hold me until lunch time, then I'll go home for lunch. I only work 9-2 so I really just need to get through lunch and I'll be good!!!
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