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Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post in Maintainers thread>>> thank you Canadjineh.

Hi KC: This is my maintenance plan according to IP... They told me not to worry about how many carbs and how many fat grams, just don't eat those two things richly at the same meal...
still working for me, my weigh in with my coach today was 132.4 pounds. I realize there are others out there that may be more sensitive to carbs than I am and may have to eat less but I am 50 years old, I have Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis and I can't be the exercise maniac I used to be - I only get out to walk 3 times a week and once in a while do Zumba or an Aquafit/Deep Water Running class. So I'm not a fat burning machine any more

I had difficulty with trying to get 3x the fat g as carb grams for my carb-poor meal but I am pretty in tune with my body and my coach suggested that I just pay attention to how I feel and how my weight reacts. So now I'm doing fine if my carb-poor meal has equalish (not a word, I know lol) fat/carb grams or less if I sometimes manage it.

My BMR to stay at 132 is 1590 cal. before any exercise is calculated (which can be eaten back 1/2 way just in case it's an overestimate in cal. burned)

PS: My DH asked me the other day why I bother to log in everything every day, then when I showed him the pancake breakfast from Sunday (which I haven't had since early November) he was totally shocked, since he usually has 5 or 6 5inch pancakes and only had 2 the same as me yesterday. And he wondered why he gained the 15 lbs over the winter while he wasn't working ....

This Sunday's meals weren't something I eat EVERY day, but they still fit in my IP Maintenance plan. I'll continue to post some of my other days on this thread and you gals can take what you like from them
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