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For me to succeed, especially in the face of lots of potential regains every time I loosen my habits or have another baby, I have made peace with doing this for life and doing it in a way most people aren't willing to do. I agree food can be delicious and enjoyable, but it isn't a hug or a friend. It isn't a security blanket. And is no barometer of my personal value or moral good.

I enjoy the things I eat, they're delicious and satisfying to my body and soul. But I can't eat everything I enjoy and remain slender. I've lost too much weigh and am down too far to stay here without daily work. Some foods just have to remain birthday treats or planned-for, scheduled indulgences. Some things I will probably never eat again, because they aren't worth the price they exact on my body and mind. But daily food isn't misery or drudgery and I'm not ever going to be able to make food just about fuel - I ENJOY EATING! So for me, it's been finding that balance of what nourishes my body best and then working that in a way that satisfies my taste buds, remains flexible for my lifestyle, and doesn't cause me grief by beginning a cycle of cravings.

So yeah. I eat whole foods 90% of the time (processed means flavored sunflower seeds, the occasional pork rind, and some sausage), very low carb, and will do this come rain or shine for the rest of my life. It's awesome, because I run well and am free of most of my food demons so long as I stick with my plan and restrict off plan treats to intentional days, infrequently, and keep an ironclad promise to myself to get back on plan the very next day with no ifs, ands, or buts.

I don't have an eating disorder, my issues are hormonal and physiological first, with some exacerbating factors like stress that can worsen things. We all have our own battles to fight but I'm so happy I've found the solution to mine. And I learned a hard lesson just last week that trying to take what other people think should work for me, even when my own experience has been to the contrary, and hope it magically works for me this time? Nope, no magic, just epic fail. And now that I'm back to my safe, happy food spot, it's amazing how much better I feel both physically and spiritually. Their suggestions were good for many and meant to be freeing, but I can't ever eat like that and maintain my weight and sanity.

We all have to find what works for us. There's some basic suggestions that might apply across the board (ie: if you find it unsustainable then don't start it at all, begin as you mean to go on!) but there is truly a spectrum of ideal human nutrition, depending on the individual body, and when you add our brains, lifestyles, and habits to the mix it becomes plain that while we're in this together as fat chicks, we're all unique in our solutions
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