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Originally Posted by hhm6 View Post
Wannabe- I know you follow IE, when you crave something, do you eat it and then that's it, the craving is gone? Just to give you an example of how my mind works, if I'm craving cake, I will eat one cake (sara lee snacks for example), but having introduced that taste makes me crave more sugar, it makes me irritable too if I can't have it. Does that ever happen to you? This is part of the reason why I have to have restrictions with myself.
I know this is addressed to Wannabe but I thought I'd respond, too. When I eat something like candy I find that I will crave it more regularly but that the cravings don't have the same power over me like they used to. Right now I am craving chocolate covered marshmallow candy. I haven't eaten anything like that in years- maybe it's Easter that's evoking the feeling, it doesn't really matter. Anyway I just ate lunch about an hour ago and I still feel like I don't need any food- my hunger has been satisfied. So I acknowledge that the craving is present and I tell myself that when I'm hungry if I'd still like to have some of that candy then I can have some (or something similar, I've got a few different kinds of chocolate at home). When I get hungry again I'll imagine myself eating the chocolate candy- how do I feel? Most of the time even if I'm craving chocolate I will feel like I'd rather eat something else, like some chicken and salad. Sometimes my body really does want the candy so I eat it. It's amazing how little power cravings have when you know you can satisfy them at the next time when you are truly hungry. It doesn't make me go crazy from deprivation because I know I can have just enough to satisfy my craving without making me feel ill.
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