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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
No it hasn't. I've never come across this attitude on anyone. Have you really?

Lofty goals? Who are you to judge someone's goals? I'll reitirate what you said: someone's goals are their own business. Nobody has criticized you for what you want to accomplish. I don't believe that the OP pities the person she is talking about because of her goals or lack there of - actually it sounds more like the OP feels that she is being put down for having goals, being too skinny, and is dismissed.

To your first question, yes I most definitely have, even on this website occasionally, though it's far less common here, and thankfully it's becoming less and less common.l overall. Really, it's only been in the last fifteen years that the all-or-nothing mentality has begun to die out.

Actually, I am not judging anyone's goal, only the judgement of othets. I used the word "loftier," only as a descripter and differentiater between smaller-goal and larger goals. Call it what you will - "more ambitious," "larger goal..."

FYI, I actually have been criticized for my less-than ideal goals, even on this site a few times. More than once, been "pitied" or had my motives questioned.

I did not see anything in the OP that indicated she felt put down, only that she was trying not to judge (which doesn't mean she isn't) and that she felt sorry for this woman.

My only point is that there's no reason to judge or pity anyone.
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