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Everything is coming together for me finally. I don't feel that I am dieting as I really am not. I know that I can easily continue this lifestyle comfortably as I am not craving anything and it has now become routine. I feel really great.

I was reading in another thread that WW is not set up to incorporate other woe, but I do not see that true at all. I see it as scaffolding a person into understanding healthy eating and then that person can make any additions that fit for them. For me, my additions are Intermittent Fasting (IF) and bulking up my meals Volumetrics style. Works just fin.

momo: Nice job!

Autumnjana: "I need to recommitment to posting more often. When I am stressed/upset I tend to shy away and keep to myself." I know what you mean as I do the same. I always feel so much better and stay on track better when I visit and participate.

I have a question as I am really new to following this program. I thought that the point of the WW process was to teach you healthy food/portion sizes so that when you hit maintenance you are already in that mindset. Is maintenance such a drastic change from the rest of the plan? This question is especially important to me due to how I have been feeling as of late (1st part of my post) and I don't want to be blind-sided later on!

Sending supportive vibes to you and all who need it today! ----------->
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