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Her goals are her own. Where and when she chooses to call it good and maintain is her business.

My personal goal weight is much higher than my ideal weight for a lot of reasons. When and if I get to that weight I'll decide whether I'm happy there or want to continue. Maybe I'll maintain that weight for a while and then decide.

I actually think it's incredibly awesome when a person chooses a still-high goal, or decides they can't reach their ultimate goal (or a goal set by someone else) but decide not to give up just because they may never reach the promised land.

For a very long time, the attitude towards weight loss has been "if you can't reach your ideal, healthiest, most attractive weight, there's no use trying at all."

While I know it comes from good intentions, I wish people with loftier weight loss goals wouldn't so often assume that those of us with more modest goals are to be pitied or converted, or that we somehow doomed to failure or don't know what we're doing.

When I started my weight loss efforts "this time" I didn't expect to get under 350 lbs, let alone under 300. I'm up a little over 300 lbs again, and struggling to lose again.

Right now, I'm only focusing on getting under 300 lbs again, and looking no further. Once I get there, I'll decide where and how to go from there.

For me, weight loss is too difficult to look too far ahead on my intended path. In fact, just watching my own feet, one step at a time (and no one else's) is challenge enough.
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