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Lucinda I've always wanted to try trabouli. It sounds like something I'd like but doubt dh would. Maybe I'll fix some for a lunch for myself. He gets his own lunch.

Jess - Glad you like my picture. I don't much but then I tend to be critical of my pictures. Sorry your hip is bothering you so much. You still have what..til June to wait for your surgery? Oh, I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying Downton Abbey! I'm at the point where Mary and the heir...forget his name...have FINALLY decided it is ok for them to marry!! I love this show....I laugh, I cry, sometimes I even clap my hands while watching it....LOL I make my screen big and the setting is so beautiful I almost feel I'm right there with them all. Thank you and Karen3 for telling me about it.

Sun is out this morning and we are about to head to the gym. Perhaps I'll be back later.

ETA: Home from the gym. I had a good workout! I actually jogged almost 1/2 of my mile! That's a first for me so a NSV! It actually felt easier to jog than to walk at times, felt very light on my feet.

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