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Hey Ladies!

First off, before I post about me, I would like to say to Olivia7906, that you are such an amazing woman . You could have just gotten really discouraged, took off longer, or just simply given up--but you stopped it all before it got to be too much. Not only that, Olivia you actually came back, and shared your disappointments! All of this makes for a triumph, even if you don't see it. Your post was very encouraging for me today, thank you, thank you hun . I am rooting for us all to get what we want .

Now, regarding my current status, My excitement regarding my new workout has turned into fear ! What if I get my butt kicked today?!! What if I am not as fit as I think I have gotten?? So many what ifs...but the only thing left--so cliche'--is to do it. I am such a baby . April is going to be amazing guys, let's multiply our progress!

nikitanix YES, yes, ! Weight is very relative to height. When I used to weigh around 250--people were shocked, and I would have to remind them of height differences. I also remember being in the 5th grade, having a class project that required us to weigh ourselves, and being embarrassed to tell my friends what I weighed. I can't recall the exact weight, but I remember wanting to be under 110 because my friends ranged from there to as low as 90lbs, and I was like 110-115!! I was the tallest girl in my class! I was a long legged skinny child--who if anything--looked like she should have been eating more, not less!!! I laugh now but I will always remember the horror I felt then, being the "fattest" girl in my class .

ghost Your brain is reeling because I too much .

25lbs Lost~(02/08/2014)***Onederland by June 24~(05/12/2014)***75lbs Lost~(09/05/2014)
No Longer "Overweight"(Incomplete)***100lbs Lost~(Incomplete)***Run 5.0mph~(Complete)

"One small crack does not mean that you are broken,
it means that you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart."
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