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Unhappy "I Don't Ever Want to Reach Goal."

I'm basically paraphrasing here, but a lady recently told me that she never wants to reach her goal weight. Why? Because it's already hard enough trying to lose weight that she has no hope for ever even attempting to keep it off (for proper context, this is in the setting of a weekly weight-loss support group).

Now I'm not trying to judge, but hearing this has been a little perplexing and sad. And I'm not even sure why I'm posting about it, except that her words have been on my mind all week. I wish I had some words of encouragement for her, but we all have to figure out our own paths, right? Because anything positive/encouraging I do say to her is immediately dismissed, and when I share any methods that seem to be working for me that she could perhaps consider (after making sure to explain that everyone has different needs), she openly fantasizes about a magic pill (her latest infatuation is Sensa) and tells me I couldn't be more off (for example, I'm going to make myself sick by exercising and eating less). She also bitterly complains that I'm "skinny enough" already, regardless that I'm still technically obese and have a 44" waist!

I know I can't single-handedly "save the world," so I just keep going and do what's working for me while trying to stay encouraging for others. I do hope she'll eventually find something that works for her so she won't be afraid of succeeding. I guess we can be our own worst enemy? I remember being there. While I've been on a good roll recently, maybe I'm afraid of reverting back to that fear myself? Or maybe her negativity is more draining on me (and the others in the group) than I've realized?

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