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Good morning girls. Busy day yesterday and sad to say I am back to spotting and cramping and such so am having to deal with that again. I am not going to worry about it, but dealing with all of it is uncomfortable. We shall see how it plays out this time since I have no artificial hormones in my body now.

We had a nice time with the kids yesterday. Thomas told us all about the cruise and how they had one selection per night on the menu that was "Have you ever tried.....?" He said he ate, alligator, frog legs, oysters, escargot, and a couple other things. Thomas said the alligator was fried in batter and all you tasted was corn meal like hush puppies and everything else was drowned in butter. Not many kids would have even tried it, but he tried them all. He ate oysters on the half shell yesterday along with peel and eat shrimp. They have really good food, but they have changed and now only allow parties of 5 or more for brunch so Jack and I can't go just by ourselves. The place was packed yesterday so obviously no one is complaining and staying away in protest.

I finished paying bills online, bought 2 pair of scrunch shoes from Payless, and 2 pairs of cotton capris from Walmart online this morning for the cruise. I can finally start wearing them and shorts and sandals. It is going to be in the 70's all week this week!! I wore sandals to lunch yesterday and they fit better than last year. I am hoping my feet don't swell this summer so everything fits. Maybe with losing weight they won't.

Jean: No, we would have heard someone next door if they were "squatting." The walls are pretty thin here and you can hear water run through their pipes over by the living room coat closet. I think they turned it on Friday and forgot to turn it back up. Tom told me to go over and turn off the power at the outside if it gets too bad and I may just do that, but haven't heard it come back on for awhile and it didn't overnight so that is all I care about. When we have the fans on in the house you can't hear outside stuff. I had a steam mop for a long time, but when we put in the tile, I don't know what I will do. I like the steam mop, but I like this one I have that uses cleaner too. I like it because the head swivels so you can mope in tight areas like between the toilet and wall, etc. It is like a Swiffer mop, but it is a lot longer and has a scrubber on the front for marks and stuff.

Maggie: The Cubs season opener starts today in Pittsburgh I think Jack said. They has screwed this team up so much I don't even know who is playing this year. Have fun going through your cookbooks.

Everyone have a great start to their week. Faye

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