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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Mars..I am with you...!!!

VERY carb sensitive and the big breakfast did not sit well with me AT ALL...

I do better with 3 breakfasts I rotate during 6 days M-Sat...

(1) A 3-egg white and veggie omlettes,
(2) A protein shake diluted with 1C Almond milk and strong coffee made into a vanilla or mocha latte (split into 2 shakes actually...) with a hardboiled egg if I am hungry mid AM.
(3)Berries with cottage cheese or yogurt and an egg white or small (2) egg white omlette.

Do these each twice a week.

We do a "brunch" on Sundays:
For me- Usually 1 poached egg over a green salad (lemon and oil dressing) and a small pork cutlet, (rather than a cured meat...we avoid nitrates) a few avacado slices, or berries and 1/2 C cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

Lunch is usually a salad and 3-4 oz left over chicken/pork/steak/seafood etc . I plan dinner so there is something left over for my nxt day's lunch.
Dinner is pretty much 6-8 oz grilled meat or fish, a veggie and green salad.
Snacks are almost always almonds or a few pieces of some nice cheese...but I go way easy on the rice crackers...more often than not having none!! Occasional glass of wine when we are out.

Starch: Eliminate/substitute another veggie for potatoes or rice when ordering out...and usually ask for sauces on the side and do lemon and olive oil dressing myself. I eat all veggies now...beets, and sweet potaoes more sparingly though. Careful with fruit...if it's in an occasional salad or is a fresh fruit dessert...OK...but do not grab apples or bananas during the close to 100 calories each piece...I have no room in my maintenance-diet day for those large numbers since BMR is based on height. And I am one of those people who truly feel better with protein than carbs. That is a blessing.

Have had chocolate a few times...that is something I try to only do the dark dark kind...and really rare...treat...and don't keep it in the house!!!

For me this diet was a lifestyle change and one I embraced. But NOT going back to foods that are high in carbs, sugars and have been processed was easy for me...being gluten free by necessity for 8 years now...helped.
Pizza and pastry were never on my radar...and I don't buy the GF equivalents, except for rice crackers. And that's only because my husband eats them and prefers them over regular....Better for me if they are NOT in abundance in this house...I also like them.. a lot!! I find this way of eating is very easy to handle with travel and socially. I'm known as being picky...and that is OK.. Picky people are usually thin. When I do have a glass of is a REALLY GOOD one...and I thoroughly enjoy it!! I also enjoy a Mojhito with no sugar...and my son-in-law swears he is going to convert me to some vodka drink very low in carbs when we go to Mexico in a few weeks!

I've needed to kick up the exercise intensity to maintain...
Routine more intense now and do monitor my heart rate appropriate to my age to be sure I am working hard enough...and yes...I sweat more!!!

6 days a week..
3 days of circuit and either ride 5 miles on a stationary recumb bike that day...or walk outside weather permitting about 3 miles.
The other 3 days I don't do circuit, but do back and leg exercises and ride 10 miles at level 4 on the recumb bike...and am pleased to say my speed is now 10 MPH!!! Currently, am at the gym from 7- to about 8:20 every day except Sunday...Trying to relax that day. As the weather gets nicer now I may begin to take a longer outside walk....and am considering getting a bike for riding with my husband this summer.

Life is good...I can move in nice clothes and no longer am fixated on ideas for losing weight.
I weigh every day....

It's so much better to fixate on maintaining...MUCH easier. (Although some consider maintenance hard...pick your hard....This is an easier mental ride...Really.) Which is why I have advocated getting an exercise routine established and making peace with the scale BEFORE you get to maintenance. Those pieces need to not be's time to just get on with your life. And it should be a good one, and well deserved after months of fighting to lose. Maintenance should all about what you won!
Hello 65,
Thank you soooo much this is exactly what I'm looking for and hoping the maintainers will do. I've read this a couple times already. Like the breakfast choices. Looks like you keep it light in carbs even in maintenance is that right?
wow very impressed with the exercise, I've never been one for exercise but I now need to incorporate it in I wish I had your devotion for it, I'm really anxious to get tightened up. I need to find motivation for it
I hope others will follow your lead and give us their routines thank you thank you!!! I can tell by how many are reading this thread there are many out there looking like me for this information.
it's a vital vulnerable time heading into phase 3 & 4. I had thought I would be able to relax a bit but now I realize it's even more work and preparation because I now need to cook and plan for all my meals and snacks. IP food made things easy.

I wonder if there are any Maintainers who still eat the IP food a bit throughout the day. For example I like the muffins and the tomato soup bread for my pizza crust.

thanks again 65 I'm looking forward to wine, I haven't had it for since I started this in August and I have 3 wine racks full in my house LOL use to be quite the wine drinker. Have had the occasional vodka and that doesn't affect my scale so will stick with that for the most part going forward. Wine will be an occasional treat but my wine is for company now Surprisingly I do not miss it that much. Vodka works fine

other maintainers PLEASE PLEASE share with us. I know you have many other threads but you have all been talking and sharing on them and grown to a new level of supporting one another, so I rarely see talk about what your eating on a daily bases. Can't wait till food isn't my every thought but your journey there is VERY HELPFUL INFO FOR THOSE OF US JUST APPROACING THIS WORLD!!
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