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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
It just sort of stalls out. That's what I have found.
To add on to this, I never had a numerical goal weight myself. I found that when I reached the low 150s, continuing to lose weight would have taken more effort than I was able or willing to put in - more calorie restriction than was comfortable, more time exercising than I was willing to devote. I was delighted with my body (in a realistic sort of way; I never expected to look like a 20-year old or a supermodel), and so it seemed like a good time to transition into maintenance, and focus more on body composition rather than weight loss.

By the way, transitioning into maintenance is hard - witness the 25-ish pound regain I am now struggling to work off. So in that sense, I don't think I'm ever going to be done.
High weight: 275 (August 2009) *** Low weight: 155 (October 2012)
Today, working off a partial regain. Current weight: 189.
* Make the best choice I can make, with every choice.
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