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Hi there. If you find yourself binging after 3 days you may be trying to take on too much at once. You don't give your stats so I don't know how much you have to lose. When I started, with more than 100 pounds to lose, I didn't have to restrict too drastically to start to see results - the body is very forgiving, at high weights. I only had to "not be a pig" and I was able to start losing. From there I was able to impose more restrictions as I needed to. Even when I first started counting calories I was eating 1800 calories a day and losing.

This may not resonate for you, since I don't know where you are at or what you are trying, but I hope it's a helpful thought. Don't try to lose all the weight in two weeks. Make less restrictive changes to start, allow yourself to get used to them, and make more changes from there.
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