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Howdy y'all! I've been catching up on sleep and also busy-busy-busy, so I haven't had time to post for a couple of days. Now I'm getting somewhere in the range of 6 to 8 hours a night, so I feel much less frazzled. I took a walk around the neighborhood on Friday—actually down and then back up a substantial hill, so I worked my legs hard enough to be sore the next day. It felt good! Still eating the same old stuff, but I have added back the half-cup of muesli a day, since it definitely stabilizes my mood. My appetite has improved: at least now I can detect hunger signals that tell me when to stop writing or making art and have a package of turkey or something. I definitely don't eat at defined meal times, I mean except for always having coffee with cream first thing in the morning. The cream is my breakfast: it gives me energy for hours!

So that's about all I have to report. It sounds good, Kathleen, that you're getting your thyroid issues sorted out. Best wishes to all...I've had a long day because our niece and grand-nephew came over tonight. I'm really enjoying the fact that they live so close. I hope I can get another walk in tomorrow...

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