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Shannon yeah it is nice to meet someone that is close on here. and on the pricking of your finger after awhile your fingers get use to it ... I didn't think mine ever would. The worse was cutting an onion or potato. I had no idea that the juice in the potato would burn like an onion did. Who knew? Shannon where are you? Like I can talk, I've been MIA also

Carol Sue, I like being the baby on this thread, well now my and Shannon. I learn a ton from you all Carol Sue, no not a good choice of words at all but when I was on insulin (I know you're not taking insulin) but I think I was told to eat a 100 calorie snack between meals and before bed I would eat 5 saltines nightly which to me was a treat (and a piece of cheese I think)

TrishI want to get in more fiber also. I think it's great that you do. I drink the occasional glass of warm prune juice but trying to stay away from bread which was my fiber go to with the double fiber natures own. I may try it again after Lent. Though I messed up today with cake my son made, Thanks Trish on the making my goal I will definitely not give up. Trish when you do Atkins induction would you mind posting your meals. I'd like to see how you're doing with what you're eating

... saw a new low of 163.2 yesterday and was up .2 today to 163.4. Then after church I came in here and ate some of my sons snacks, then my other son made a cake and I ate some of that ... duh, what on earth am I thinking/doing? The boys had been talking about going to the gym since early this morning so we made it before they closed. I did 2.44 miles on an incline and burned 325 calories which was only the cake but still better than nothing so I hope I didn't do too much damage. I don't want to see anymore ups on the scale ... can I say EVER

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