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I'm back to say it's been a good day so far....wonderful church service, dinner out with son and gf.

My meals so far (may be back to add more)
pb mocha frappe

lunch (BJs)
About 3/4 of the crispy chicken salad - protein, carbs (crunchy batter on chicken and some corn in salad), and fat (a little nuts sprinkled over)
Should have stopped with that but I also shared a mini pizookie (its like a largish chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top) with dh. So off -plan for this meal and over on carbs but I was suprised how much fiber I got. At least we shared a MINI dessert instead of a big one! Gonna really have to watch it tonight though as that salad alone was 707 cal according to MFP!
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