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Trish, I was not bothered by your comment. In fact, it made me feel good that you were watching out for me! We are a close bunch here and watch out for each other.

I woke up around 5 AM today, so since I was up anyway I checked my BS. It had gone up about 10 points overnight, which is not unusual. I wanted to wait and eat breakfast with my husband when he got up so I didn't eat or take my meds. I was waiting to take them with breakfast. By the time he got up around 9, my BS had gone up another 30 points! I had heard people say that if you go too long without eating your body will start dumping glucose, even if your BG is not low. I guess I was a prime example this morning. I only ate 2 scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms so I only took a half a pill. That did nothing. Two hours later my BS had not gone down at all but it also didn't go up, but it was too high (199). So I made a salad with spinach and iceberg lettuce and a hard boiled egg for lunch and took the other half of the pill. Now I'm waiting to check at 2 PM to see what happens. I think my BG is taking more than 2 hours to drop after I eat and I might be better off to check at 3 hours instead of 2. I'm not used to this much checking, but I want to see how these new meds are effecting me. Poor little fingers! LOL

I am working on breaking the habit of eating between meals, so I don't want to start eating more smaller meals. However, I am considering taking some calories from each meal and adding a very small snack between meals. If I go with the theory that the longer I go without eating the higher my glucose will go, then it's beneficial to me to have a small snack to keep my glucose steady instead of having the roller coaster. By a small snack, I mean a couple tablespoons of yogurt with a sprinkle of Fiber One, or a couple celery sticks with a bit of PB or hummus. Not enough to be considered a meal, but enough to tell my body I'm eating. And I will make sure I deduct some calories from my other meals rather than just adding more calories. I'm going to figure this out if it kills me. Hmmmm, I guess "kills me" was not a good choice of words.
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